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How To Scrapbook

Learning how to scrapbook is fun! It is a great hobby the results in a book you can share with people for a lifetime. I will guide you through the steps on how to go from a pile of photos to a scrapbook that you’ll be proud to show off! Learn how to scrapbook right now!

How To Scrapbook Step 1 – Get Some Photos

The first thing you need to do is pick out some photos you like that represent a certain theme. For example I have picked out photos that relate to the season of fall. I have decided to a 12×12 inch page using these 4 photos.

You will want one main focal point photo, and then some smaller photos next to it to support the focal point photo. These small photos can either be taken the same day, same location, or maybe involve the same people. For example, if we went on a hike I may use a photo of myself and my husband as the focal point photo, but then the supporting photos would be the sunset that day, a river nearby, and may a picture of some wildlife from our hike.

Those smaller supporting photos help add a story to the main focal point photo.

Step 2 – Paper Choices

You will want to find a few different types of paper that have colors in it that match some of the colors in your photos. This paper can be a solid color, or it can have patterns and designs on it. Pick a variety of them as this paper will be used as the background for these photos.

Paper may be the hardest part when learning to how to scrapbook. There are so many varieties, and you’ll probably want to buy them all, but try to stick with once for now that match the photos you picked out.

Step 3 – Create a Background

Lay down some of the paper you have chosen on a page in your scrapbook. Mix it up – use some of the different style of paper that you picked earlier. Don’t fill the whole page with one solid color. Try to align the background paper with where you think the photos will be going. This may be the most essential part in learning how to scrapbook.

Step 4 – Complete Your Focal Point

Now that your background is complete you can work on the focal point. Take your focal point photo, trace the outline on cardstock paper, cut out the card stock, and glue it to your photo. This gives your photo a stiff backing to it. Once finished, measure your photo and cut out another piece of cardstock on a colored piece of cardstock to make a border. The border should only be about a 1/4 inch in thickness at most. This process is called “double matting”.

Step 5 – Layout

Now you can place your focal point photo on the page with the other complimentary photos around. Don’t glue anything just yet! Play around with the photos until you are happy with their positioning. You can even walk away and come back to it if you don’t think the positioning is best. Don’t rush in to anything.

Step 6 – Text For Later

Write a hand written note on a small square of paper, or print it off the computer. Write something about the photos, where you are, the year, and who is in them. This not only adds a personal touch and meaning, but it will also help you as other people see them. You won’t have to lean over someone and explain where you were and what you were doing. They will be able to read your scrapbook and see it all for them self.

This also helps as you age. If you start to forget where you were, or what year it was, it’s all there for you reference.

Step 7 – Embellishments

Once your photos are glued down you can add your embellishments. You don’t need many of these, maybe 1 -2 per page, but they can be as simple as a sticker, or even a cardstock paper cut-out of something that relates to your focal point photo. When people learn how to scrapbook they think they need lots of these, but please use them sparingly.

Using my hiking example as above, I may cut out the shape of a leaf from green paper. I could even using masking tape to tape in one or two real leaves that I picked up on our hike. That would really personalize it and make it stand out from other scrapbooks.

All done!

Now that you have learned how to scrapbook and you have one page complete, keep going. The paper you find at stores, the pictures you take, and the layouts you can come up with are endless. Don’t be afraid to buy lots of cardstock paper and go nuts.

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