Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples

Scrapbooking Ideas For Couples

If you are in a relationship, or you know people who are, we have some scrapbooking ideas for couples you may want to make a scrapbook about.

Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples #1

If you are in a relationship, be sure to always take photos. If you are hanging out at home, on the back deck, or maybe you are on a vacation, you need to be taking photos along the way.

The easiest ways to take photos is on your cell phone. Most cell phones these days have great high-quality cameras that will take clear enough shots to have photos printed. If you have a digital camera, even better. Any camera over 4 megapixels should be good enough for your scrapbook.

As you take photos, remember that if you put them into a scrapbook that you may want extra photos for context. If you are on a hike and taking photos together, try to take photos of the surrounding area as well. Take photos of road signs as you enter the area – it will help add to the scrapbook and over all feeling.

Finally, take lots of photos with different angles. If you take one photo you may get home and see something in the photo that you don’t want there forever. By taking multiple photos you can select the best one out of the group.

Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples #2

If you are trying to make a scrapbook for a couple, this section is for you.

People like to go through a scrapbook and remember the happy times. If you have a couple in mind, try to think of the best times you’ve spent with them, or times they’ve come back from somewhere and said it was the best time they ever had.

Go through your own photos of those times or have family members try to get you those photos. From here you can start to build a scrapbook out of all the images.

Putting photos in of sad times can be helpful for mourning, but don’t go overboard. If there is a family pet that passed away, try to get photos where they are having fun with that pet. You want to bring up emotions that are happy and positive – moments they want to cherish forever.

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