Best Scrapbooking Layouts

Scrapbooking Layouts

Thinking of good scrapbooking layouts can be a tough task. It’s one thing to have ideas of what you want to do, but putting them into a book is the hard part. You don’t want to keep repeating the same layouts, but how many options are there?

 Centre Photo

One of the most common scrapbooking layouts is having the photo in the centre of the page. Doing this brings your focus right to it, but it can also leave a lot of blank space around the photo. With this blank space you can add embellishments and extra personal flair. Try to find something in the photo, or maybe even something that you remember about the time you took the photo to place around it.

For example, if the photo is a photo of you and your friend hiking, why not keep a leaf from the trip, or maybe even a trinket from something that happened to you guys on your way to the hike?

Top Center Photo

Placing a photo in the top half of the scrapbook page is great for scrapbooking layouts. It leaves lots of room underneath it for add ons. If you remember my hiking example above, you could take three additional photos you took during that hike and place them below. That way you have one big photo and three supporting, or enhancing photos. Maybe there was a sunset, some wildlife, and a stream that you took pictures of. Maybe you want to add three more photos of you with this special friend. You could center you main photo, and underneath have two photos with that friend and a small bit of text that says where you were, the date, and how much fun you had.

Many Small Photos

The final type of scrapbooking layouts is having many photos. Most of the time about 6 photos will fit on one page. You could possibly have 5 photos, and the center area could be a write up that discusses the theme you were trying to go for. For example, if you have 5 cousins, the blank center space could say “2015 – Family get-together with all the cousins!” or it could say, “Best hike ever – I have amazing cousins”. That way it gives context to the photos on the page.

 Final Scrapbooking Layouts Thoughts

The sky is the limit when it comes to scrapbooking layouts. Depending on the size of the photos you use there are even more layouts than these main ones we have mentioned.

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